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Premium Sewing Pattern - Action Heroine Coat by StarValkyrie Premium Sewing Pattern - Action Heroine Coat by StarValkyrie
Known to TV Tropers as the Badass Longcoat, this is an awesome coat for an action heroine. It's got lots of skirting for that dramatic billowing effect and its got some pretty cool details. It closes with a center front zipper from neck to hips and a buttoned overlay (though the overlay can also be buttoned to itself when the coat is worn open). It is fully lined, has a hood, funnel collar, back and wrist straps, and shoulder accents.

And, there are 4 different lengths in the same pattern!

The shortest style, “High Guard”, ends at the hip (a popular length in many universes whether you're a Defender of the Commonwealth or an Officer of the Law, a Badass Normal or an I Just Want To Be Normal).

The second style, “Detective Noir”, ends two inches below the knee (rather like a coat belonging to a certain popular TV sociopath).

The third style, “Vintage Hero”, ends mid-calf or 14 inches from the floor (which happens to be the regulation length of a certain type of WWII RAF greatcoat).

The fourth style, “Eternal Wanderer”, is ankle-length for the maximum of drama (like, say, the coat belonging to a certain time-traveling hero that does a lot of running).

Note: This is a ladies coat pattern - it's curvy and not specific to any particular hero cosplay. (While I'm on the subject, why aren't there any fictional heroines with awesome coats?)


Advanced sewers only! Coats are hard to make - don't choose this as your first sewing project!


This is a print-at-home, fully-to-scale, PDF pattern. The pattern pieces print out on 131 pages of US Letter-sized paper which you tape together to form large sheets and then you cut the pattern out.


Please note this pattern is drafted and graded by hand so it's good but it might not be perfect. To get an idea of what is included in this pattern before your buy, please view the free sample pattern here: [link] . While that pattern is one size only and a simpler design, it was made with the same methods and contains the same type of pattern piece layout and the same level of detail in the instructions.
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February 27, 2013
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